• our mission is to end badvertising

    Badvertising is bad for everyone. It ruins user experience, damages brand reputation

    and drives people to adopt ad blockers.


    Notoriously it causes:

    Good-Loop ends bad advertising

    The 'Argh-how-on-earth-do-I-close-

    this-annoying-pop-up" Face


    Good-Loop ads are positive, respectful

    and rewarding to viewers.

    Because enjoyment of video advertising

    increases purchase intent by 92%.


    Source: Unruly

    Good-Loop ends bad advertising

    The 'Oh-my-days-how-long-until-I-can-

    skip-this-bloody-advert' Face


    Good-Loop will always be opt-in, giving

    the viewer total control.

    Because 51% of people said they think less of

    brands who show them autoplay video ads.


    Source: Hubspot

  • Good-Loop is good advertising 
    that's good for the world

    Here's how it works:

    Watch at least 15 seconds of opt-in video advertising
    then donate 50% of the profit to your chosen charitable cause.

  • end badvertising now, with Good-Loop

    Good-Loop ads are respectful to users, positive for brands and profitable for publishers.

    Good-Loop ads are good for everyone.

    Good-Looop for advertisers, video advertising

    For Advertisers

    Deliver your video content to engaged audiences, in high quality formats. Plus with 100% viewability guaranteed, you'll never pay a penny for an ad that isn't seen.


    All whilst using your media money to fund

    positive social impact.

    Good-Loop for publishers who want to monetise their site

    For Publishers

    It takes just 2 minutes to put our opt-in native ads within your sites' editorial content. So you can start maximising revenues today without sacrificing user experience.


    All whilst supporting the causes you and your readers care about for free.

  • Good-Loop ads are good for everyone

  • Good-Loop is on the Collider adtech / madtech startup accelerator

    Good-Loop is part of the Collider 2017 Class -

    An accelerator program dedicated to marketing and advertising startups.

    Winner of Collider 2017 Demo Day

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