• a charitable ad network for Premium Bloggers

    Start making money from your site and supporting your charitable causes in under 2 minutes.

  • Make more money and more positive impact

    Video advertising is more impactful, more effective and therefore more valuable. Good-Loop video ads can extract more value from your page, in comparison to a basic banner ad in the same space.

    Every time one of your readers watches a video, you'll make up to 20p and 25p goes to the charities you've chosen to support.

  • every 1000 views = up to £250 for charity

    Bloggers make money from their site with Good-Loop


    Support the charities you and your readers care about, and a full 50% of the ad revenue gets donated directly to them, every time your readers watch an advert.

  • Respectful, rewarding, user-friendly ads

    But don't just take our word for it...

    Bloggers and publishers make money through Good-Loop with ethical advertising

    "I used to use carousel ad banners but removed them all because they were cheesy and damaged my user experience. What's lovely about Good-Loop is how it makes advertising personalised between a blogger and their readers."

  • Join Our network in 3 simple steps

    Step 1: Put this code snippet into your page


    <script src='//as.good-loop.com/unit.js' async></script> <div class='goodloopad'></div>


    Installing Good-Loop is quick and safe. You can put this code directly into the pages or if you use a tag manager (e.g. Google Tag Manager) then you can install via this.


    You can put multiple advert tags onto a page. Our ad-unit does not slow down your page -- it uses asynchronous loading, so your page load is not affected.

    Step 2: Choose which three charitable causes you would like to support.


    Once you've chosen your causes it's always nice to write a short blog post explaining to your readers why you've chosen them. Good-Loop will reach out to the charities to get them on board and hopefully get them promoting your page too!




    Step 3: Contact us to 'go live'

    Once you're on the network, email us to set up your payment details and start your first campaign.


  • Why not give it a go?

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