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    Good-Loop ads aren't just for good causes, they're also good for your readers and good for your bottom line.

    Good-Loop converts your static banner advertising space into lucrative video inventory.


    Video advertising is more impactful, more effective and therefore more valuable to brands.

    Good-Loop video ads can extract more value from your page, in comparison to a basic static banner ad in the same space.

    You'll make 20p on every video view whilst also supporting charitable causes for free.

  • Bloggers make money from their site with Good-Loop

    "I used to use carousel ad banners but removed them all because they were cheesy and damaged my user experience. What's lovely about Good-Loop is how it makes advertising personalised between a blogger and their readers."

  • every 1000 views = £250 for charity

    Good-Loop is ethical advertising raising free charity donations


    Support the charities you and your readers care about, and a full 50% of the ad revenue gets donated directly to them, every time your readers watch an advert.

  • The Numbers

    Brands pay 50p every time their advert is watched for > 15 seconds

    50% of this is donated to one of your three selected charities

    40% comes straight to you as income

    10% goes to Good-Loop


    If your sales team prefer to sell the space directly to your existing brand

    partners we can negotiate a reduction in the Good-Loop rates.

  • Why not give it a go?

    Joining the Good-Loop publisher network is quick and safe.

    You can put our code directly onto your pages or if you use a tag manager then you can install via this.

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