• our mission is to end badvertising

    Badvertising is bad for everyone. It ruins user experience, damages brand reputation

    and drives people to adopt ad blockers.


    Notoriously it causes:

    Good-Loop ends bad advertising

    The 'Argh-how-on-earth-do-I-close-

    this-annoying-pop-up" Face


    Good-Loop ads are positive, respectful

    and rewarding to viewers.

    Because enjoyment of video advertising

    increases purchase intent by 92%.


    Source: Unruly

    Good-Loop ends bad advertising

    The 'Oh-my-days-how-long-until-I-can-

    skip-this-bloody-advert' Face


    Good-Loop will always be opt-in, giving

    the viewer total control.

    Because 51% of people said they think less of

    brands who show them autoplay video ads.


    Source: Hubspot

  • Good-Loop is good advertising that's also good for the world

    Here's how it works:

    Watch at least 15 seconds of opt-in video advertising
    then donate 50% of the profit to your chosen charitable cause.

  • end badvertising now, with Good-Loop

    Good-Loop ads are respectful to users, positive for brands and profitable for publishers.

    Good-Loop ads are good for everyone.

    Good-Looop for advertisers, video advertising

    For Advertisers

    Get your ads watched in a positive, premium environment with twice the average view length of any other platform - for the same price.


    All whilst using your media money to fund

    positive social impact.

    Good-Loop for publishers who want to monetise their site

    For Publishers

    Convert cheap static banner inventory into premium opt-in video; resulting in a 2 - 3x uplift on inventory yield.  


    All whilst supporting the causes you and your readers care about for free.

    Good-Loop for publishers who want to monetise their site

    For Bloggers

    Easily insert the Good-Loop ad player at the bottom of your posts, so your readers can support you and your chosen charities - for free.

  • Good-Loop ads are good for everyone

  • Good-Loop is on the Collider adtech / madtech startup accelerator

    Good-Loop is part of the Collider 2017 Class -

    An accelerator program dedicated to marketing and advertising startups.

    Winner of Collider 2017 Demo Day

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