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IP100 2017 – Good-Loop ranked highly for trade secrets & database potential

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We’re delighted to announce that Good-Loop has been voted highly for Trade Secrets and ranked 17th in the Best in Critical Database IP Asset Class category within the prestigious IP100 2017.

We’re very proud to have ranked so highly as it recognises that our unique organisational knowledge and our in-depth data analytics capabilities are both integral parts of the business.

The Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks IP100 League Table profiles and ranks innovative companies, highlighting those that have significantly invested in their IP across various sectors. Focusing on the assessment of five IP asset classes – Brand & Reputation, Patents, Critical Databases, Software, and Trade Secrets, the scoring system is designed to identify companies that are using their IP assets to create the competitive advantages needed to improve and grow their businesses.

IP100 co-founder Bryan Hoare told BQ Live that "IP100 entrants are innovative, investable, high growth companies and we are delighted to put the spotlight on them".

IP at Good-Loop

Good-Loop converts advertising money into free charitable donations whilst delivering more effective, more respectful and more rewarding online advertising. We are taking micro-donation techniques and implementing them within the ad serving industry - thereby making charitable donation seamlessly integrated into online behaviour. We are uniquely positioned at the intersection of many complex industries including AdTech, PhilTech and Media, meaning that our organisational knowledge is critical to our competitive advantage.

We are also working to leverage AI and smart retargeting to ensure that adverting on the Good-Loop platform is not just ethical but is also highly relevant, impactful and effective for advertisers. IP is critical to our ability to innovate and build brand equity - both of which enable growth, secure our long-term viability and add value for our investors.

If you would like to find out more about Good-Loop and our ethical ad serving platform please feel free to contact us.

Good-Loop ads for good
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