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Micro-donation Trends Report

· Market Research,Donations,Technology

I'll admit it, I tend to lower my gaze and pick up my pace if I see someone up ahead with a clipboard and a florescent Amnesty jacket. Getting out credit cards, rustling for change at the bottom of purses - these things are a hassle and as much as giving to charity is a great, fulfilling thing to do - I'll bet most of us would say we don't do it as often as we should.

This is why I find the growing trend of mirco-donations so interesting. This trend makes small, affordable payments as accessible and convenient as possible - integrating regular donation into our daily lives. Here are a few examples of interesting players in this space, who have influenced and inspired me in my own social entrepreneurship project.

Tab For A Cause: Donate one tab at a time

Tab For A Cause is a clever browser extension that replaces your tabs with sponsored messages. The sponsors donate every time their message is seen - so with With Tab For A Cause you donate to charity just by surfing the web. The idea was born 5 years ago in a college dorm room and since then they've raised over $200,000 for charity.

Lilo: Donate through your search engine

Lilo is the search engine that finances social projects. They forward more than 50% of their search engine advertising revenue to a huge range of social and environmental projects. Based in France, Lilo is the brain child of a group of young entrepreneurs who decided to start redistributing a part of the money from advertisements on the internet. So you can donate just by searching for cat videos, without spending a penny.

Pennies: The Digital Chairty Box

Pennies work with payment technology providers to allow customers the opportunity to donate a few pence to charity when they pay by card in shops, online and in apps. They have raised over £7,500,000 for charity since launch - because 32,000,000 customers shave decided to give a small contribution at the point of purchase.