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New method & Good-Loop campaign tempts consumers to Look Good and Do Better
October 3, 2018
method, the disruptive eco-conscious cleaning brand, has this month launched a new campaign “Look Good, Do Better” to bring to life the playful and ethical values inherent in the brand. To compliment this message, method will be running their adverts through the Good-Loop ethical ad platform.

Designed to drive awareness of the method brand and its playful personality, the campaign
features video on demand, ethical video, social, experiential and PR. It dials up the two
complementary sides of method: beautifully designed, stylish bottles with vivid fragrances +
bright colours, combined with naturally derived cleaning, non-toxic ingredients, in a 100%
recycled plastic bottle.
method's videos will appear via Good-Loop on a number of premium sites including: Guardian, Independent, Vice and In Style and will be raising money for Clothes Aid, Mind, and The Children’s Hospital Charity.

Good-Loop delivers effective and ethical advertising – perfectly reflecting the ‘Look
Good, Do Better’ ethos of the method brand. Ads on our platform receive up to twice the average view length engagement of any other premium VOD platform, for no extra cost – plus every view generates a free charitable donation. We do this by giving viewers a choice; you never have to watch one of their ads but if you choose to watch the ad, you get to give 50% of method's ad money to charity of your choice.
Victoria Hunt-Taylor, method Head of UK Brand Experience commented, "We are particularly excited to announce a partnership with Good-Loop which enables viewers to give to charity – a great embodiment of the Look Good, Do Better campaign."

You can view a live demo of the Good-Loop & method advert here.