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The good, the bad ... and the even better
Our founder & CEO discusses the inspiration behind the new Good-Loop brand and logo
April 12, 2019
When people ask me what our company is about, I pause, look knowingly over the top of my imaginary glasses and say; ‘it’s about balance darling’.

Ok, perhaps I’m not quite that sassy… but I really do think that Good-Loop is fundamentally about balance. That’s why, when we began to work on our new logo, the Yin Yang symbol felt like a meaningful place to start.
Yin Yang is about embracing duality. Accepting that seemingly opposite forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. It’s a perfect visual and conceptual expression of the constant push and pull that we all experience in our lives. We want to be good people, sure, but we’re also busy and distracted and oh so tempted to gossip about Lisa-in-accounting’s new haircut. We want to make the world a better place but we also really want the latest iPhone. It’s exactly this kind of apparent contradiction that fuels Good-Loop and drives our success.
Big, global corporations are, more often than not, seen as the ‘bad guys’. Many people consider them the embodiment of humanity’s greed - selling us more stuff we don’t need to feed their insatiable hunger for growth and domination. But it’s easy and perhaps a little bit lazy to see big corporates this way. To consider them only as greedy is to miss the other side of Yin Yang. It’s to miss the substantial potential they have for positive impact.

When Sky launched their Ocean Rescue initiative they not only increased staff retention and customer engagement – they also removed 175 tonnes of single-use plastic from their business.

When Dove decided to champion ‘Real Beauty’ they not only created one of the most successful and iconic brands in the world – they also gave of 29 million young girls access to self-esteem workshops.

And when Levis introduced their Water<Less finishing process, they not only created a product that sold faster than regular Levi’s, they also saved over 172 million litres of fresh water.
I'd venture to say that even the combined effort of The Avengers and The Justice League wouldn’t manage to save 175 tonnes of plastic, empower 29 million young people and preserve 172 million litres of water in just one lifetime. If we want to make meaningful, substantial social change at scale – we need to harness the power of the global corporation. The reality is that these companies are never going to stop caring about their bottom line but as social and environmental values start to drive our purchase decisions – it’s becoming a business imperative for corporates to do good. The Yin Yang is coming into balance.

Good-Loop’s mission is to make ethical behaviour easier for consumers and more profitable for companies. We’re working to bring purpose and profit into harmony – to build products that deliver better ROI for advertisers whilst using that same ad spend to fund solutions to the social, environmental and cultural issues that are most challenging today. It’s about Yin Yang, it’s about win-win.
I think it’s fair to say that in general, people don't love adverts. From ad blocking to ad fraud - the industry has a lost a little bit of that creative sparkle that once captured people’s imagination. Online advertising in particular has become an annoying necessity that publishers and brands rely on to drive revenue, and consumers at best tolerate so they can read their online news for free. But Yin Yang reminds us that alongside every negative you can also find the positive, and at Good-Loop we believe in the true potential within the advertising industry. We believe that advertising can and should have a positive impact in the world. And we’re working to make that happen though our ethical ad products that deliver meaningful ad engagement and real social impact. Choose to watch 15 seconds of an ad, and the advertiser will thank you by donating to your chosen charity. That’s how we use ad money to solve the world’s problems.

I hope that when people see Good-Loop they are reminded of Yin Yang. I hope that they are inspired to look beyond the black and white and find the potential for great goodness that lies in the grey.
This article was written by our Founder & CEO Amy Williams. If you'd like to find out more about Good-Loop and our ethical ad formats, feel free to get in touch!