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    A free donation... so who pays?

    Advertisers pay for their videos to get seen. The same way they would promote an advert on Facebook or buy an ad slot before YouTube videos. Good-Loop sells premium video advertising space to advertisers.

    Who decides which charities are featured?

    When someone watches a Good-Loop advert, after 15 seconds they get to give a free donation and will see a shortlist of charities to choose from. This shortlist is decided based on a number of factors such as which charities the content creator or advertiser supports.

    How much goes to charity?

    50% of the gross profit from an advert view goes to charity. The exact amount will vary as the cost depends upon the length of the advert, the website it's running on, the type of person brands want to target etc.

    I'm an advertiser - why should I give 50% of my media money to charity?

    Even without the charity donation, Good-Loop ad space is better than anything else on the market. According to Google, on average only 54% of video ads on the web are seen for more than 2 seconds (the IAB viewability benchmark). With Good-Loop advertisers only pay after 15s of active, opt-in view - thereby guaranteeing an engaged impression with 100% viewability. So you're paying a fair price, for a good quality view.

    How much money does the content creator get paid?

    Bloggers and publishers display the Good-Loop ad player on their pages and get paid 30-40% of the gross profit every time an advert is watched. This means they can earn a living whilst keeping their content free to access.

    I'm a content creator - why should I give 50% of my advertising income to charity?

    Even when we factor in the charity donation, our publishers still make more money than they would with standard static display ads. Because video is more valuable inventory than static display, on average our publishers see a 3X higher yield on their inventory through Good-Loop. So you can have 100% of a tiny pie or switch to Good-Loop and get a 40% slice of a much bigger (and more positive) one...

    How does Good-Loop make money?

    Good-Loop is a profit-for-purpose company, not a charity. From each ad sale, Good-Loop takes a 10-20% cut in order to sustain and grow the business.

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