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    Engage your consumers in a meaningful, positive and effective way.

  • Why should you run ads for good?

    You should run ads for good because they are good for your brand, good for your consumers and great for your bottom line. But if you're still not convinced here's some extra ammo.


    of people believe that brands should be a force for good in the world. Especially young people.

    Source: Channel 4


    of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason for their relationship to a brand.

    Source - Harvard Business Review


    increase in purchase intent when consumers actually enjoy and feel positive about video ads.

    Source: Unruly


    more expensive to use Good-Loop. We operate on a competitive cost-per-completed view model.

  • how it works, in 4 simple steps

    Good-Loop ethical video advertising, turns advertising money into charitable donations

    1. Good-Loop units are distributed programmatically into IAB standard formats such as banners, in-read and pre-roll.

    How Good-Loop Works

    2. When your video starts to play, there is some branding along the top and a 15 second countdown along the bottom.

    50% of advertising money goes to charity.

    3. After 15 seconds, you pay for a completed view, and the viewer gets to donate 50% of your media money to one of your chosen charities.

    See a live example here:


    Good-Loop double your donation.

    4. After the video is complete, the viewer can double their donation by clicking through, giving their email, using a voucher code at checkout or even sharing the video on social media.

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    To give it a go, all you need is a video.

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