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    Did you know that you can support me and this blog by taking just 15 seconds to watch an ad? Plus I've chosen three awesome charities, and every time you watch an advert you unlock a free donation to give to them...
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  • What our bloggers have to say...

    Bloggers and publishers make money through Good-Loop with ethical advertising

    "I used to use carousel ad banners but removed them all because they were cheesy and damaged my user experience. What's lovely about Good-Loop is how it makes advertising personalised between a blogger and their readers."

    Emily Luxton Good-Loop

    "It can be hard for us bloggers to make a living from our sites, especially because lots of advertising solutions out there are pretty annoying and would ruin the experience for our readers. So with Good-Loop I hope I can get paid for the content I create in a way that is respectful to my readers and also makes a bit of a positive impact in the world."

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