• Advertising that's pull not push


    What use is an impression if it was a negative experience for the person on the other side?


    Good-Loop will never force someone to watch an ad. But if they choose to engage,

    they get to give 50% of the ad money to their chosen charitable cause.


  • how Good-Loop works, in 4 simple steps

    Good-Loop ethical video advertising, turns advertising money into charitable donations

    1. The Good-Loop ad unit is displayed as a non-intrusive banner across our network of premium brand-safe publishers.

    How Good-Loop Works

    2. People click on the banner and an ad begins to play, fullscreen.

    50% of advertising money goes to charity.

    3. After 15 seconds the advertiser pays for a completed view and the viewer gets to give 50% of their money to a charity of their choice.

    Good-Loop double your donation.

    4. After the video is complete, the viewer can double their donation by clicking through, giving their email, using a voucher code at checkout or even sharing the video on social media.

  • Good-Loop advertising is more effective

    Here are some of the reasons why:

    Good-Loop online video advertising is strictly opt-in only.



    Opt-in video ads engage users eight times more than auto-play video ads.


    Source: American Marketing Association

    Good-Loop ads require the user to interact.



    Memory responses are found to be 29% higher for ads involving physical interaction (eg. clicking).

    Source: Neuro-Insight

    Good-Loop ads improve engagement



    64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason for their relationship to a brand


    Source - Harvard Business Review

    advertising halo effect


    Halo Effect

    66% of people say they are willing to pay more for socially conscious brands.


    Source: Nielsen

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  • good ads, for good causes, with Good-Loop

    Improve Video ROI with Good-Loop

    For Advertisers

    Get your ads watched in a positive, premium environment with twice the average view length of any other platform - for the same price.


    All whilst using your media money to fund

    positive social impact.


    Good-Loop for publishers who want to monetise their site

    For Publishers

    Convert cheap static banner inventory into premium opt-in video space; resulting in a 2 - 5x uplift on inventory yield.


    All whilst supporting the causes you and your readers care about, for free.

    Monetise your blog with Good-Loop

    For Bloggers & Influencers

    Easily insert the Good-Loop ad player at the bottom of your posts or in your Insta Stories, so your followers can easily support you and your chosen charities.

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