Good-Loop Logo
Why on Earth Do We Bother?
Our Purpose
Good-Loop Exists to Make the Internet a more Positive Place for Everyone...
Positive for brands
because we provide a platform for them to talk to their customers in a respectful, positive, and interactive environment.
Positive for people
because we empower them to take control of their online experiences and to harness their own value as a force of good in the world.
Positive for the world
because when charities have a stable, sustainable source of income they have the security to plan long-term and the freedom to focus their attention on maximising their positive impact.
Our Values
At Good-Loop we are always aiming to...
Be a positive force in the world
Acting to improve society, the environment, and the rights and happiness of the individual, if only in a small way.
Be transparent and honest
In every aspect of the business, from developing open-source code to publishing our donation receipts.
Be empowering
For all our stakeholders: publishers, advertisers, readers, charities, staff, and shareholders.
Be reliable
Our systems do an important job, so they have to be reliable and secure.
Be successful
We are a commercial business, not a charity. Our charitable goals are achieved by being commercially successful.
Be carbon neutral
Our servers are carbon neutral and we carbon offset our travel with donations to Cool Earth.
Be open-source by default
In the interests of openness and collaboration, our code is available on GitHub, unless there's a clear commercial reason not to.