• Good-Loop founders Amy Williams and Daniel WInterstein

    why on earth do we bother?

  • our mission is to end badvertising

    Our mission is to create a new, more positive online economy that delivers better advertising whilst funding sustainable social change.


    Badvertising is bad for everyone. It ruins user experience, damages brand reputation

    and drives people to adopt ad blockers.


    Notoriously it causes:

    Good-Loop ends bad advertising

    The 'Argh-how-on-earth-do-I-close-

    this-annoying-pop-up" Face


    Good-Loop ads are positive, respectful

    and rewarding to viewers.

    Because enjoyment of video advertising

    increases purchase intent by 92%.

    Source: Unruly

    Good-Loop ends bad advertising

    The 'Oh-my-days-how-long-until-I-can-

    skip-this-bloody-advert' Face


    Good-Loop will put the user in control, giving

    the viewer respect and reward.

    Because 51% of people said they think less of

    brands who show them standard autoplay video ads.

    Source: Hubspot



    Good-Loop exists to make the internet a more positive place for everyone...


    Good-Loop is paid video advertising for charity

    Positive for brands

    because we provide a platform for them talk to their customers in a positive and proactive environment.

    Good-Loop is paid video advertising for charity

    Positive for people

    because we empower them to take control their online experiences and to harness their own value as a force of good in the world.

    Good-Loop is paid video advertising for charity

    Positive for the world

    because when charities have a stable, sustainable source of income they have the security to plan long-term and the freedom to focus their attention on maximising their positive impact.

  • Our Impact

    Every time someone chooses to watch an advert through the Good-Loop ad player, 50% of the cost of that advert is donated to a charitable cause. We are working with a wide range of charities and we strive to be as open and transparent as possible about every donation made. We keep all donation receipts on file and are looking into developing a processes for tracking the impact of our donations across a number of important social issues.
    Coming soon: Good-Loop donation tracker.

  • Our values

    Be a force for good

    Acting to improve society, the environment, and the rights and happiness of the individual, if only in a small way.

    Be transparent and honest

    In every aspect of the business, from developing open-source code to publishing our donation receipts.

    Be empowering

    For all our stakeholders: publishers, advertisers, readers, charities, staff, and shareholders.

    Be reliable

    Our systems do an important job, so they have to be reliable and secure.

    Be successful

    We are a commercial business, not a charity. Our charitable goals are achieved by being commercially successful.

    Be carbon neutral

    Our servers are carbon neutral and we carbon offset our travel with donations to Cool Earth.

    Be open-source by default

    In the interests of openness and collaboration, our code is available on GitHub, unless there's a clear commercial reason not to.

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