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NBCUniversal chooses Good-Loop as the champions of their ‘Spark Tank’ pitch event.

Good-Loop has been selected by NBCUniversal as the winner of their annual startup innovation event.

Good-Loop was selected as part of their ‘Spark Tank’ pitching event. Three startups made it to the final pitch day, which took place on the 12th July. The brief for the £10,000 pilot was to help NBCUniversal to use innovative solutions to solve real business challenges.

Our pitch was to use our ethical ad player to distribute Universal’s video advertising to people in a more positive, more engaging and more effective way. If people choose to watch their ads for 15 seconds, the user then gets to donate half the price of the ad towards a charity of their choice. Users can also opt to double their donation by sharing the ad on social media.

Good-Loop wins NBUniversal pitch day

“NBCUniversal’s business is all about telling stories” says Good-Loop Founder & CEO, Amy Williams, “and I’m so thrilled that they’ve decided to work with Good-Loop to start telling those stories in an even more engaging and meaningful way. It’s an amazing opportunity for us”.

The event was organised in partnership with MadTech Startup Accelerator, Collider. “NBCU has had some great success working with the collider startups over the last few years” said Rose Lewis, co-founder of Collider. “They are open to innovation and see the benefit of working with young companies helping shape their development so they are able to scale it across the organisation”.

Mike Butcher from TechCrunch presented the competition and he was joined on stage by expert judges; Jason Beesley, NBCUniversal CFO, David Gibbons, NBCUniversal SVP International Operations & Technology and Tiffany Chow, NBCUniversal VP Business Development.

Good-Loop wins NBUniversal pitch day

The other startups that pitched during the final round were:

  • CampaignDeus -  the marketing industry's independent trusted source for campaign measurement, benchmarking & reporting.
  • Pixoneye - Harness the power of on-device photo analysis to truly understand your customer; their needs, intent and future desires.
Good-Loop wins NBCUniversal Pilot
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