Privacy Policy

We will respect and protect your privacy. This privacy policy applies to all the services we provide, notably ad-serving.

We promise:

  • Your messages and other private content belong to you.
  • We will never sell or give your private information to a third party (unless you actually ask us to, or we are required to do so by law).
  • No Good-Loop employee will look at your private information, unless it's to fix an issue in the Good-Loop system. Our employees all sign non-disclosure agreements.
  • Good-Loop will never send a message in your name or on your behalf.

In using Good-Loop, you agree:

  • Anonymous data is OK. We can use data from your account in anonymised analysis. For example, Good-Loop learns how to help you - that's one of its features! We may also publish anonymous statistics, such as "Good-Loop has generated £X million in donations last month". The anonymous data models that we create will be our property.
  • We can contact you as part of the services we supply, e.g. to tell you about new features.
  • We can use cookies to provide better services. Cookies can link together your visits, and collect IP address (from which we get an approximate city-level location). You can opt-out of cookies by setting Do-Not-Track in your browser, or via the My.Good-Loop web app, which also provides controls to remove your data. Or here and now, using the buttons below.
  • If you submit content to a public part of the site then you grant us an open licence to use, reproduce, adapt and publish that content. An example would be posting a public comment on a blog we host. This does not affect private content, which remains private!

When you’re not signed in to Good-Loop, we store the information that we collect with a meaningless identifier linked to the browser, application or device that you’re using. This helps us do things such as avoid showing you repeat adverts. You can manage this data via the My.Good-Loop web app. The data collected by our ad server is:

The type of device and browser (the user-agent).

The website visited, so we can work out which websites are a good fit for our content.

The country you're in and your preferred language.

The IP address, for country and to protect against fraud.

Which of our adverts you view, and which charities you pick - so we can send them the donation.