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Talented Data Scientist
NOTE: This job position has been marked as "on hold", meaning that there is currently a hiring freeze
Quick Look
Location : Edinburgh EH2
Start : ASAP
Duration : Permanent
Pay : £30k-£45k
Company Size : 9 Persons
Role Description
Want to make a better world? We're hiring a data-science-savvy developer to work on machine learning / AI that raises money for charity and empowers internet users. This is an exciting chance to apply cutting-edge machine learning / AI / data-science work in a worthwhile way, working with a top team.
Company Overview
Good-Loop is a platform that puts video ads on websites. But: if you watch one of our ads, the advertiser gives half the money to charity.

We currently serve 1.6m ad impressions a month, with clients including Unilever, Kit-Kat, and Canon. Last year we raised over £200,000 for good causes - such as medical aid, educating children, helping the homeless, and tackling mental health issues. We are turning ads from a nuisance to be blocked, into a shared positive moment (which works better for the advertiser too). Our company mission is to make ethical more profitable.
Candidate Requirements : Essential
  • Mathematics or data-science skills (specific qualifications are not required - evidence of ability is required
  • Programming experience - this can be in any language, provided it shows your capabilities
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work in a team
  • Also must be independent enough to manage your own work
  • Quick learner
  • Reliable worker
  • Must have example code that you can send us (see below)
Candidate Requirements : Desirable
  • Time-series analysis
  • Deep learning (TensorFlow or PyTorch - bonus points for TensorFlow in Java)
  • User-profiling
  • Machine learning
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Elasticsearch
  • HTML + CSS
  • React
  • Mathematical / Technical qualifications
  • Knowledge of advertising and marketing
  • Experience working as part of an agile development team
  • Project management
  • UX / User-centred design
  • Graphic design / data-visualisation
  • Business experience
Please send the following items/information to with the subject line: "G-L Job: Data-Scientist"
  • A brief summary of your education and/or work experience
  • Your full CV
  • A short portfolio of your best work (e.g. a github link, or portfolio website). If possible, we prefer an example of a hobby project -- a project you did for its own sake (which need not be polished or completed), and of a professional project.
The shortlist will be invited for an interview which includes a short but challenging technical reasoning test.