• 50% of the revenue from every advert gets donated directly to charity. That means...

    every 10,000 ad views

    raises £600 for charity

  • how charities can get involved

    Unilever and Good-Loop

    Activate your brand partnerships

    Your corporate partners are likely already be paying for advertising on the likes of Facebook and You Tube. If instead, they buy advertising through Good-Loop they are purchasing more effective, positive advertising whilst supporting causes like yours.

    Contact us and together we can develop a bespoke proposal for you to take to existing and potential corporate partners.

    Good-Loop media partnerships

    Use Good-Loop as your media partner

    Do you have video content that you're currently promoting on TV or Facebook or YouTube? Use Good-Loop as your media partner and for every £1 you spend, 50p comes back as a donation.

    Contact us if you'd like to understand more about how Good-Loop can help you spread your message in a more effective and ethical way.

    Good-Loop influencers

    Connect with your influencers

    Our bloggers and publishers choose the charities they'd like to support. So reach out to your content partners and see if they'd be interested in running Good-Loop ads.

    And if a blogger or publisher has already chosen to support you - tweet about them, talk about them, back them up! Every little helps :)


    Contact us to discuss how you can leverage your influencer network.


  • We'd love to collaborate

    In short, the whole reason we're doing this palava is for you guys - so if you're interested in what we're doing and have questions or ideas or suggestions please do get in touch.

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