Harness your value online
You can use your eyeballs to do good for free
Your time, attention, and data are valuable. we help you use this value for good
In a nutshell, whenever you see our ‘Ads for Good’ stamp on an advert - we guarantee that if you watch, swipe or click on the ad, 50% of the revenue will be donated to charity. There is no catch and it costs you nothing. Since our launch we have raised over £600,000 for charities such as Water Aid, Save The Children,  WWF, and Great Ormond Street Hospital. We are on course to raise over £2m by 2021 – all because people like you donating some spare seconds. Read more about our mission here.
Become part of the Good-Loop community with My.Good-Loop
Be part of a good thing:
My.Good-Loop is where you come in. Help us make an impact, and raise as much money as we can for charities.

You can  sign up with email, or connect with social media. When you join our community we can learn a bit more about you and tailor the ads, so you see content of interest to you. Since this wastes less ads, the brands will pay more, and the charities will get more money.

Making online advertising more positive
Since our launch in 2016 the Good-Loop team have been working with brands and advertisers to make the internet (and the world) a more positive place, by using ad money to fund good causes around the world.

Our company is ultimately about transparency and honesty - something we feel is sorely missing in the world of online advertising. Advertisers want your attention, you possibly want to know about their products, and the websites you like need the ad-revenue to keep going. We just make sure that charities benefit when you give your attention – and that you’re treated properly (all our ads can be skipped instantly – no wait-to-skip frustration). Our aim is to be a positive force in the world, and that comes down to working together for good.
What's next?
If you would like to help -- please join My.Good-Loop. We will keep you in the loop, we will be respectful of your time and your privacy, and we will let you know how much money you are helping to raise for charity.

My Good-Loop

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.